- New Rulebook on reporting on credit operations

Minister of finance of Republic of Srpska passed new Rulebook on reporting on credit operations with abroad, which entered into force on 2nd October of 2014th year. With new Rulebook it is regulated a method of reporting on credit operations with abroad, forms that should be submitted to the Ministry of finance RS, deadlines for submitting the forms, as well as rules on confidentiality of src.

Persons who are obliged to report on credit operations are legal entities from RS, branches of foreign legal entities, entrepreneurships and banks. Credit operations are only financial credits and loans – credit debts and credit approvals.

Persons, who are obliged to submit reports to Ministry, should do that until 31st January of actual year, with the balance on 31st December of previous year. Differences compared to previous Rulebook are represented in that in old Rulebook every credit operation should be reported individually, as well as credit operation which should report to MFRS was considered a much more business operations with abroad.