In wide range of our services, by differentiating our business, we have created a business niche which we successfully build and expand performing consulting services in the field of taxation for BiH and countries of the region, which include consulting services in compiling tax reports as well as tax reporting obligations and controlling correctness for reported obligations through the process of self-payers.
In addition, our experience and satisfaction of our clients ranking us among the most successful in this field.
In particular, services that we offer to clients are as follows:

Tax review of business documents

As a result the needs and aspirations of our clients to make their businesses comply with the relevant tax regulations and the current attitudes of the tax authorities, and in order to reduce the negative effects of possible controls, we perform preventive examination of tax records and tax liabilities. During the examination, we use the methodology adopted by the tax authorities during inspections, which we are trying to point out the potential tax risks that you will be able to remove before tax control.


Tax due-diligence

We prepare and present the analysis of the tax burden and current solutions for optimal reduction of tax risk in case you intend to start a business transactions such as status changes, transfer of business assets, purchasing of real estate, business investment overseas, or with companies from abroad and so on.


Advising on legal remedies

We achieve a high percentage of success in advising regarding your legal remedies in administrative proceedings, that we initiate after a determined tax liability, interest, freight coercion or civil and criminal liability, arising as a result of the inspection of tax authorities. In cooperation with our partner law firm, we advise in compiling lawsuits and extraordinary legal remedies in administrative disputes in front of courts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also we perform the preparation of evidence, and the preparation of the defense of clients in proceedings where necessary.


Creation of Transfer Pricing Documents

Considering that in both entities of BIH, since the beginning of 2016, there are obligations to hold documentation on transfer prices, in transactions with related parties, for the obligors in which such transactions exist, the Rules on transfer pricing have been adopted, which define in detail all aspects of such transactions and tax treatment of deviations from the principle of "out of reach".
Given that the current penalties for not having this documentation from BAM 20,000 to BAM 60,000 in the RS, and from BAM 3,000 to BAM 100,000 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have been shown the need to specialize in the provision of services for making documentation on transfer prices for all kinds of transactions, in order to facilitate our clients' business and reduce the risk of tax offenses in this regard. For these services we use the latest version of the AMADEUS database, and the studies we make contain all the prescribed elements from the Rules on transfer pricing, while the deadlines fo r the study were harmonized with the deadlines prescribed by both Tax Administrations in BiH.


Control of correctness in completion and submission of tax reports

If you are not able to perform reliable verification of the correctness of your tax reports, we provide advisory services related to the completing and submitting of the same on a monthly and annual level.


Exercise of rights at tax authorities

As a result the large number of amendments to the tax legislation, and a number of sanctions imposed, taxpayers do not try to exercise their rights by filing the appropriate forms and documentation to the tax authorities. Therefore, we provide advices, gained on a long experience while working with the tax authorities, how to respect mechanisms in the realization of a large number of tax rights and avoid the constant rejection, amendment, returning and correcting forms and other documents, and in that way we provide a taxpayer exercising rights at the same time saving time and resources.


Constant informing

Clients with whom we conclude long-term contracts have access to information about changes in regulations, statements of tax authorities, decisions of appellate authorities and court decisions in tax matters. In case of a change in tax regulations which are in the process of decision-making, public debate, etc. our clients are able to timely adapt their business moves to the effects of these changes and in that way get the most from such situations. Also, thanks to permanent cooperation, our clients are able to use our services prioritized over other clients, which themselves provide substantial tax savings.