About Us

Rakic ‚Äč‚ÄčAdvisory Ltd. is a dynamic company dedicated to the efficient resolving tax issues of our clients - reducing the risk of additional tax cutting and improving the chances of achieving tax savings.
Our clients are individuals and legal entities, companies in public ownership, public institutions, non-profits, agencies and organizations - payers of direct and indirect taxes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region and those who are required or want to become taxpayers.
The confidence that we justify day by day in the high competitive environment proves our commitment to satisfy customer needs, and high professional standards, knowledge of relevant local and international regulations and conditions, as well as constant monitoring and implementation of the current practice of competent tax and judicial authorities.
It follows our vision, which is based on the orientation towards finding all possibilities for tax relief of taxpayers - our clients.
Our mission is based on the aspirations of all our employees to clients recognize adopted standards of quality and innovation that we own, and that we, through long-term business relationship, provide complete security to our clients in protecting their tax rights and reducing tax risks, which pressure constantly increasing with the adoption of new amendments of relevant regulations.
Maintaining and increasing the quality of our service are our main goals - we achieve them by implementing a strategy of open access and identification with the goals of our clients. Therefore, we estimate our own success only on the basis of success in accomplishing your tax rights.

Beside sincere and constant support to the clients, in order to create higher security in tax turbulent environment, we are open to acquiring new knowledge, which is suggested by the members of our team, composed of young and ambitious economic experts, dedicated to continuous specialization in the field of taxation.