- Extended the deadline for submission of VAT returns

The Governing Board of the Indirect Tax Authority (ITA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina today is, on third special session, adopted an instruction on submitting the VAT report for the month of May for the taxpayers of the areas that are affected by the catastrophic floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main goal of this instruction is to help entrepreneurs who have suffered direct damage in the floods, and for the taxpayers who are unable to do so themselves, ITA on their behalf submit a VAT report with a value of "zero", in the statutory deadline of 10 June of 2014. year.
Taxpayers for which ITA submit a VAT report for the month of May, are obliged until July 10 of 2014. year to submit amended tax report for the month of May with a June report. In accordance with this instruction, taxpayers will have to provide proof that they have suffered damage, and that the records submitted to the competent municipal commission to assess and inventory damage.