- Decisions of the BD of ITA - excise duties and VAT

The Board of Directors of the Indirect Taxation Authority (UO ITA) of BiH adopted at today's session the Decision on determining the specific and minimum excise on cigarettes and smoking tobacco for 2018.
New minimum and specific excise duties on cigarettes and tobacco apply from January 1, 2018. The minimum excise duty will be BAM 2.60 instead of BAM 2.42, and the specific excise instead of BAM 1.35 will be BAM 1.50 for packing cigarettes of 20 pieces.
The tobacco smoking excise tax is set at 80 percent of the minimum excise tax and will amount to BAM 104 instead of the current BAM 96,80 per kilogram.
Taxpayers and other persons dealing with the cigarette trade are obliged to list the stocks of cigarettes on January 1 and submit the census lists to the relevant regional center of the ITA by January 7, 2018, while the calculation of excise must be submitted by January 17 next year in order to calculate the difference.
Taxpayers are obliged to submit the calculation of the retail prices, which are formed according to this decision, to the competent Regional Center of the ITA by November 30, 2017.
The Board of Directors of the UIO adopted today the Decision on the determination of the amount of diesel fuel used for the needs of mines, thermal power plants and non-road tolls for 2018. The provisions of this Decision relate to diesel fuel used by mines and thermal power plants in the production process and railways for the propulsion of railway vehicles, and to a certain amount approved by the Administrative Board of the ITA on the proposal of the Entity and Brcko Districts Governments. This decision will apply from January 1, 2018, and for its implementation the ITA is responsible for submitting reports to the Board of Directors on its implementation within three months.
The Managing Board adopted today the amendments to the Rulebook on the Application of the Excise Duty Act in BiH and the Rulebook on the Application of the Value Added Tax Act, which refers to the electronic filing of applications for the calculation of excise duties and VAT.